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Henry and Harper's Journey to Blue Iris Sanctuary

This is the story of Henry and Harper, two adorable pigs whose journey to freedom and frolics will warm your heart. Introducing to you our newest residents here at Blue Iris Farm, Henry and Harper.

Nestled among the rolling green acres of Lebanon, Connecticut, Blue Iris Farm isn't just a place; it's a promise—a promise of safety, care, and a new beginning. It's where Henry and Harper, two pigs with gentle eyes and curious snouts, found their forever home.

Their story begins with a compassionate soul scrolling through Craigslist, eyes scanning for something that might catch her attention. It was there that she stumbled upon a plea for help: two pigs, Henry and Harper, were on the brink of being slaughtered unless someone stepped in to adopt them. The decision was swift, powered by a love for pigs and an earnest desire to give them a life worth living.

Adoption was just the beginning. The pigs' savior, determined to offer them more than just a reprieve from a grim fate, embarked on a journey of learning and love. She researched, prepared, and dedicated herself to their care. For a year and a half, she gave them everything she could. But love, though boundless, sometimes meets the edges of practicality. With space constraints and zoning laws restricting their freedom, Henry and Harper couldn't experience the fullness of life they deserved.

The previous owner's heart was heavy with a bittersweet realization; to truly love them was to let them go—to a place where their hooves could dig into the earth, where they could roam, root, and revel in the joy of just being pigs. It was a search that led to many dead ends, to people and places that fell through, leaving her feeling like she had failed her beloved pigs.

But fate, it seems, had a plan. Amidst the endless phone calls, emails, and the shadow of disappointment, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of Blue Iris Farm. This was the place where Henry and Harper's story would take a turn for the marvelous.

Fast forward to their life now at the farm, and the transformation is nothing short of miraculous. The past month has been a revelation, watching Henry and Harper thrive, their happiness palpable in their playful antics and contented grunts. They've become part of a larger family, bonding with other animals, and weaving themselves into the fabric of the farm's community.

The woman who once saved them continues to be a part of their lives, visiting weekly as part of an agreement with the farm. She provides for their feed, a testament to her enduring love and commitment to their well-being. It's a partnership built on mutual respect and a shared goal: to ensure that Henry and Harper live their best lives.

Their story isn't just about rescue; it's about rehoming with a purpose. It's about understanding that love doesn't always mean holding on; sometimes, it means letting go to let true happiness in. Henry and Harper's tale is a reflection of what Blue Iris Farm stands for—a testament to the fact that every act of kindness, no matter how small, matters.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the arrival of Henry and Harper. Come witness their joy, share in their adventures, and perhaps, find a little inspiration to spread kindness in your own way.

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Katie Settel
Katie Settel
13 de nov. de 2023
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

Such a beautiful story, I love everything about Blue Iris Farm.

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