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Blue, the Zebu's Summer Day on Blue Iris Farm

Hello, my friends! I'm Blue, the zebu (miniature cow) from the wonderful Blue Iris Farm. Today, I want to share with you what a typical summer day looks like for me. It's hot, but don't worry, we have our ways of staying cool and having fun!

My day begins with the rooster's crow and the sun rising over the barn. Mom is, always ready with a smile, brings us our breakfast. The hay is fresh, and the apples are juicy. It's the perfect start to the day.

After breakfast, it's time for my favorite part of the morning - the Mud Bath Marathon! All of us animals, big and small, take turns rolling in the cool, squishy mud. It's a sight to see! We slip, slide, and laugh, our coats covered in mud. The mud keeps us cool and protects our skin from the sun.

Once we're all covered in mud and feeling refreshed, we head over to the pond. The water is cool and perfect for a drink after our muddy adventure. Our friends, the ducks, are usually there too, quacking and splashing about. They're quite the entertainers!

When the sun is at its highest and the heat is at its peak, we find a spot under the big tree. Its leaves provide a cool, shady spot perfect for a midday nap. I love to close my eyes and listen to the rustling leaves, the chirping birds, and the distant sound of the windmill. It's so peaceful.

Just when I think the day can't get any better, mom surprises us with a Watermelon Feast! She brings out the biggest, juiciest watermelons I've ever seen. We all gather around, our tails swishing in excitement. The watermelon is cold, sweet, and oh-so-refreshing. It's the perfect treat to end our day.

So, that's a typical summer day for me at Blue Iris Farm. It's hot, but with our mud baths, pond visits, shady naps, and watermelon feast, we make it fun and cool. Life on the farm is never dull, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Remember, my friends, no matter how hot it gets, there's always a way to stay cool and have fun. Just like us on the farm, you too can find creative ways to enjoy your summer. Until next time, keep moo-ving! -Blue

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