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A Charismatic Volunteer Making Waves

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Meet Josh! Our charismatic volunteer who is making waves in our Pilot Volunteer Program with his exceptional dedication to animal welfare. Through his unwavering love for our animals, he has become an integral part of our organization, showcasing how one person's efforts can make a profound difference in the lives of many.

Our Pilot Volunteer Program is a key initiative in our commitment to providing high-quality care for our rescue animals. “Collaborating with United Services, Inc., we aim to establish healthier and more robust communities in Connecticut by assisting with essential mental health and social services. The partnership between our organizations emphasizes the significance of positive reinforcement, guidance, and care in promoting a more meaningful, balanced, and independent life,” said Josh in a statement.

Josh commenced his volunteer work at our farm last winter and quickly forged a unique bond with all of our animals. Initially apprehensive and nervous, he now embraces our animals, especially the roosters, with such affection that it's hard to tell who enjoys their time together more.

Over the past few months, Josh's growth and development have been nothing short of remarkable. He has improved his mood, confidence, and abilities to a significant degree, a testament to the transformative power of volunteering and a connection with animals.

Through his time at Blue Iris Farm, Josh has gained valuable skills, including the ability to concentrate and focus on his tasks for more extended periods. He has inspired us all to push our limits, try new things, and persevere regardless of our circumstances.

Every week, Josh's presence at the farm is eagerly anticipated, and we appreciate his vital role in providing love and care to our animals. We are immensely proud of Josh's commitment to our community and grateful for his contribution to the Pilot Volunteer Program's overall success.

We hope that Josh's example will inspire more individuals to volunteer and make positive contributions to their communities, recognizing that small gestures can have a significant impact on both human and animal welfare. Our Pilot Volunteer Program in partnership with United Services, Inc. serves as a model for how a joint effort to provide mental health and social services can make a meaningful impact on our community.

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