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Poem: "Blue Iris Farm, A Home for All"

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Hey there, buddies! It's me, Whim, the friendliest horse you'll ever meet!

Guess what? I've got something super special to share with you – a poem I wrote about our lovely home, Blue Iris Farm!

whimsical draft horses rescued

Blue Iris Farm is a magical place where animals of all shapes and sizes find warmth, love, and friendship. From playful pigs to giggling goats, everyone has a story to share!

I want to take you on a fantastic adventure through our farm, where we'll meet all of my amazing friends and experience the joy of our cozy little haven together. Are you ready to join me on this heartwarming journey?

Without further ado, here's my poem, filled with love and excitement, just for you:

On the farm, there are animals big and small,

Each with a story, each with a call.

They come from far and wide,

Looking for a place to reside.

Some were left all alone,

Others were saved from being on their own.

But here at Blue Iris Farm,

They find a new home that is warm.

The Goats that once were so cramped,

Now run and play, their tails wagging and swamped.

The pigs that were once stuck inside,

Now have room to run and hide.

The chickens that were in a cage,

Now roam free and happy, in a rage.

All of the animals on this farm,

Have found a home that is warm.

Oh, Blue Iris Farm, your work is grand,

A home for all, a place to stand.

You give them love and a second chance,

A life worth living, a joyful dance.

And when we visit this place,

We see the joy on each animal's face.

A place where they can be themselves,

A sanctuary for all, a home for all.

So let us support Blue Iris Farm,

And give these animals a life that's full of charm.

A life full of love, care, and hope,

Where they can thrive and happily cope.

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