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Bringing to you the power of connection with our amazing animals! At Blue Iris Farm, we're dedicated to the rescue and care of our furry and feathered friends. We believe in creating meaningful bonds between our rescued animals and you, our valued supporters. Through letters and heartwarming pictures, our Iris Pen Pal Program bridges the gap, bringing you closer to the animals you care about.

Become a Blue Iris PenPal!

How It Works

Choose Your Subscription:
Select your preferred subscription plan - $15 for Email Pen Pals or $30 for Mailed Pen Pals.
*All subscription fees go toward the care of our animals.

Monthly Connection:
Every month, our interns and volunteers will craft personal letters on behalf of our animals, sharing their stories, updates, and unique personalities.

Receive Your Pen Pal Package:

Get ready for a delightful surprise in your inbox or mailbox, depending on your chosen plan. You'll receive a written letter and charming pictures of your animal pen pal.

Engage and Support:

Feel free to send your replies and questions back to your animal pen pal. Plus, know that your subscription supports our mission and the care of our rescue animals.

Meet your Pen Pals

Our animal pen pals come from diverse backgrounds and have their own unique stories to tell. From the mischievous goats to the gentle draft horses and the curious pigs, each animal will leave a paw print on your heart.

Who will be your Pen Pal?


(the pig)


(the cow)


(the horse)


(the horse)


(the rooster)

Henry & Harper

(the twin pigs)


(the bunny)


(the duck)

Cupid & Sage

(the goats)

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About the Program

Discover the magic of the Iris Pen Pal Program at Blue Iris Farm! Creating heartfelt connections between you and our rescued animals. Experience the joy of receiving personalized letters and pictures from our furry and feathered friends while supporting our mission of rescue and care. Choose your subscription today and become part of the Blue Iris Farm family.

Monthly Plans

Our program is available as a monthly subscription, allowing you to sign up for as many months as you like. You'll be billed automatically each month, and you can cancel anytime.

Subscription Options

$15 - Email Pen Pal:
Looking for an eco-friendly and easy way to connect with our animal residents? Choose the $15 Email Pen Pal option! You'll receive monthly letters and pictures directly in your inbox, bringing you closer to the animals and their stories. It's a wonderful choice for those who prefer a digital connection with a personal touch.

$30 - Mailed Pen Pal:
For those who cherish the charm of handwritten correspondence, our $30 Mailed Pen Pal option is perfect. Each month, you'll receive a physical, handwritten letter and delightful pictures sent straight to your postal address. Immerse yourself in the world of our rescued animals with tangible, personal, and heartwarming letters that you can treasure forever.

*All subscription fees go toward the care of the animals!



Ready to embark on this heartwarming journey with our rescued animals? Sign up for the Iris Pen Pal Program now and experience the joy of connection, all while supporting our mission of rescue and care.

  • Email Pen Pal

    Every month
    Subscription fees go toward the care of the animals.
    • Connect with your animal pen pal via email.
  • Mailed Pen Pal

    Every month
    Subscription fees go toward the care of the animals.
    • Receive handwritten letters & pictures delivered by mail.
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